We are charging experts and innovators of smart devices for entertainment, travel, and smart home. Gerlax is the global leader in charging technology. This includes wireless charging, car charging, 

and our best-selling portable and wall chargers. Gerlax is pioneering Power Delivery technology to charge phones, tablets, and laptops at unprecedented speeds.

Business Scope

What we do

At Gerlax, we take safety seriously. We know exceptional safety requires keen attention to detail and a plan for anything that could go wrong. Our leading development teams have painstakingly 

researched the safety concerns afflicting other chargers, and used this knowledge to develop our comprehensive MultiProtect systems, which range from static resistance to output current regulation.

MultiProtect’s systems are integrated into virtually all of our chargers, providing our users with unmatched peace of mind. We provide our customers with cost-effective products and provide product 

design and customization services (OEM, ODM).